Effect Enhancers

These blends are formulated with the same common Terpenes found in Cannabis associated with particular effects, but without the additional errant terpenes found in many Strain Blends. They are meant to be a foundation for your formulas.

Not everyone wants Pineapple Express or OG Kush profiles in their products, but they do want the entourage effects associated with them. As would be expected, many Strain profiles which are known for particular effects contain common terpenes. They also contain other terpenes which, although found in the original strain profile, are not necessarily associated with any specific desirable effect. These products were developed by analyzing common strain effects and their constituent Terpenes, cross referencing their common contents, then developing a formula based on those results. These products contain essential oils with particularly high terpene content of what we were looking for, as well as individually added terpenes, to make a product with as much of the effect-causing ingredients and as few other ingredients as possible.

These products can be used on their own in your formula, but we recommend adding one of our Flavor Concentrates or added terpenes of your own to attain a fully rounded formula. These formulas are coincidentally quite nice, but were designed for their formula and not for their finished profile. We do the heavy lifting to make a base and let you decide where you want to take it from there.