Contract Services

Welcome to our Professional Contract Services! 

We are now offering Contract Blending (Compounding) Services for Fragrance Concentrate (Jus) to Perfumers as well as Turnkey production, fulfillment and whitelabel services for all customers (Flavor and Fragrance products).

Explanation of Services - 

  • Compounding/Contract Blending - After an Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed, our skilled lab staff blends your concentrated fragrance formulation to your specifications. The product is then shipped to you or incorporated into our turnkey services.

  • Production & White Label - Using either your contract blend, or a product you've supplied us with, our production department will distribute  your product into the vessel you provide. We then cap, label and package the product per your specifications.
    • Fragrance products are produced in a GMP Cosmetic production space.
    • Flavor Products are produced in an isolated GMP Food-Grade production space.

  • Fulfillment (Shipping) - Packaged product is warehoused and a choice of drop shipping or direct-to-consumer shipping is available. Wholesale and Retail Fulfillment options available.

Currently our production services are limited to liquid production only (Rebottling), however we may expand into other mediums as demand grows. Fulfillment can be any product type as long as it is in finished packaging.

Once you have been fully on-boarded, your unique products will appear below. The Contract Blend or Production/Fulfillment service is tied to your specific account, so only you will be able to see your specific products here.

If you have already been given a quote, and you do not see your products listed here, please ensure that you are logged into your account. If you are still having trouble, please contact your account representative for further assistance.

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